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Blade and Soul Start Manual

Blade and soul will be launching in North America and Europe on January nineteenth. The maker of this game0 NCSOFT has gathered each of the necessary information to make sure that users know exactly what to expect so that they can affect and avenge.


You will have new additional servers throughout the Europe and North America. Furthermore, the company advises players(visit MMOROG INC.) for you to coordinate with family and friends before the head commence.

The North America servers incorporate:


·Master hong




·Old person cho




The Europe servers include things like:


·Starfal crester

·Hao district

·Ebon hall

·Cardinal gates



·Wild springs





Client download

If you've ever played in the closed beta before, it will be a must to help uninstall the client and and then download and install the newest version. You can also download and install the client for the online game right now. However , the computers will be unavailable outside of LABEL RSERVATION FOR DISCIPLE AND ALSO MASTER FOUNDER’S PACK masters and the “Head Commence period.

Name reservation

Title reservation stats on the eleventh of January at specifically 6pm for North America hosting space and 7pm for The european union servers

Those who own the student and master founders package will have the chance to reserve their particular character names before the start of the game. Each location has a unique name, while not a surprise to find the same brand once in Europe and once in North America no matter the server.

You will have to log in on the “Name Reservation period” utilizing your launch client. You will also manage to make two master character types as well as one disciple, you could then have to choose their storage space and reserve the names.

That won’t be easy to enjoy the game during name booking. The log in only allows you to create your characters, but this specific depends on the Founder’s Package level that you fall under.

Certainly not that choosing a name to your character will only be achievable after you have customized their appearance. If you would like re customize the appearance of your current character, you will need to remove the known as of the current character. Achieving this may make you lose your identify and someone else may take the idea before you change the look regarding tour character. But it may be possible to buy a “Character Alteration Voucher” from the game once the item starts, in addition to ones previously in the Disciple and Grasp Packs.

Note that the Nam Reservation periods for European union and North American ends around the 14th of January.

Fresh character option

New curly hair color, new hairstyles and facial customization options and also skin tones will be offered in the launch client.

Brain start

Those who own the Founder’s Pack will be allowed to entry the game for three days ahead of the main game is introduced. This will provide ample moment for the player to advance the particular stages and increase the benefits of the character before others. Ahead of the games starts you can learn the way to purchase cheap blade and soul gold before anyone else.